How can we be the Counos Coin Miner?

Counos Coin, like other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, wants a decentralized system based on the power of its users. To this end, users can create a Full Node on the network and join the system.

if you familier with Bitcoin core or litecoin core, you can use CounoCoin core like them to start your mining. if you are new to cryptocurrency do like this:

If you like to start mining on counos coin network you work like this:

  • Setup a Linux / or windows system with enough ram and hard drive.
  • Get the latest version of CounosCoin core for linux or windows and setup on you sytem
  • on linux you can run these command 
  •   ./counoscoind -daemon 
  •   the above command will create a counos coin node on the network
  • ./counoscoin-cli generate 1
  • the above command will try to create a block on CounosCoin network. while we are at our first months of running, you can be successful to be win in creating Block.
  • it's good idea to create a crontab entry :
  • $crontab -e
  • and add this entry
  • */5 * * * * /[PATH TO COUNOSCOIN CORE]/bin/counoscash-cli generate 1
  • on windows system when GUI open, you can find on Help menu > Debug and select Console Tab
  • then you can run this command
  • generate 1


By this step you can use your PC to start mining on our network. Please note that if you are familier with other cryptocurrencies, our network and command are very similar. in near future we will introduce mining specific software / hardware when we have enough power and competitors on our mining networks

What is a Full node?

The Full node holds a complete copy of all system transaction history. This complete history is stored in the chain of blocks. If you already create a Full node in Bitcoin or similar currencies, you can create the same style in our network in the same form. Same as the best advice and to communicate without intermediating the use of Counos-Coin. Core A software that allows you to create a wallet and will also be able to mine.

This software is open source based on Bitcoin Core V 0.14, and its version 0.15 will be available soon.

It can be used on Windows, Debian, Ubuntu, and MacOS at a glance. It looks like the Bitcoin core, but it follows the rules of Counos-Coin.



Mining rules in the network?

The difficulty of exploring a block in the network is reviewed every two months in 2016, every two weeks. Anyway, additional miners are added to the network, and more willingness to block blocks is created, a more complex algorithm is applied to extract a block.

During a mine, a block will help you place transactions that are running on the network in a block and create a connection between the current block and previous blocks to secure the network by the block algorithms of the network.

When the block created by your node in the network and its other components is accepted and verified, a reward that is unrecoverable will be awarded to you.

This bonus is currently four coins per block.

The bonus will be halved every ten years.

You will also receive a transaction fee in addition to the mining reward for each transaction you place on your block.


What facilities are needed to have a node in the network?

Currently, as long as the number of miners has not expanded, there is not much hardware required to create a full node.

A system with at least 20GB of storage and 2GB of RAM is enough.

The reliable Internet connection is another option that you need to have.

Run the software and start the mine block on the network by the instructions on this page.

Bonus Blocks can be picked up after about 100 other blocks are generated in the network, and your block has received 100 confirmations.

If you have questions about using our tools, first check the FAQ section. And if you did not find your answer, please contact us.